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Jitter Clicking Discussion

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IMO jitterclicking has many variables to be considered and it mainly depends on your playstyle. If you can master it, you should be able to click fairly fast and have impeccable aim, which would be close to using a client. But I think that is a skill and if you have it, it should give you an advantage over other players.

How people use it: When I was a magneto noob I didn't care about paintballs, I wanted to get rid of them as fast as possible, not worrying about aim. (Magneto has since been nerfed slightly so it doesn't work how I used to play it.) I have also noticed it is a decent counter to Protection because when you shoot paintballs quicker, 2 paintballs will most likely hit the enemy with Protection faster than shooting 2 paintballs without jitterclicking. (Gives you a better chance at survival.) You really have to find the right balance so if you're someone who is flying across the map with ninja and capturing flags, you're going to want to have better aim to conserve your paintballs to ensure you have enough in case an enemy pops out blocks before you're about to cap the flag. If you're playing sniper and controlling the middle of the map or defending it may benefit you to jitterclick because you may face 1-2 enemies up close, then have a longer period of downtime where you can reload.

I think jitterclicking does eliminate some of the skill because if you yourself lack skill, or you're just lazy like many of us, it's easier in my opinion to click the mouse then move it. I'm not saying you don't have to move your mouse if you jitterclick, but you shoot more paintballs, therefore you cover more area and makes it harder for the enemy to dodge them. This is especially useful for shooting on top of things or over things. But it's definitely a skill and it's not "overpowered." Although it has it's pros, the major con is you only have 64 paintballs you're bound to run out eventually. If you can master it, it makes you a much better player.
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Posted Jan 28, 19
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Outreach Team
Honestly, in terms of banning or allowing jitter/butterfly clicking, it's up for debate. Yes, it does make the staff's job harder and can be at times hard to distinguish legit from non-legit. At my very best I can reach 18cps but usually, I'm around 13-16cps. (This is butterfly clicking.) Honestly, I find butterfly clicking more of a problem than jitter clicking. From my experience jitter clicking makes it harder to aim even when mastered but with butterfly clicking, you can have very good aim with a ridiculous shooting speed. Frankly, it does give an advantage but it took me more than a month to master my butterfly clicking and I assume the same can be said with jitter clicking. If new players put the time as I did into working on speed clicking they could master it too. While at the same time I agree that there is a significant skill gap seeing as myself, a semi-og player (2014) has had 5 years to work on tactics and mechanics whereas new players are being thrown into this mess. Now the new beginner and pro servers should help this but it would entirely fix the problem.

Sorry if there are any typos or repeated sentences. It's late and I wanted to get this posted.

Have a good day!

Posted Jan 29, 19
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