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What is MCBall?


MCBall is a Java Minecraft Paintball server. From fending off opponents in a game of Capture The Flag, to racing to eliminate your enemies in the game mode of Elimination, to capturing the prized singular flag in enemy territory to win in our game of Rush the Flag, MCBall has many playstyles and game modes that makes each game a new, thrilling experience. Through exciting tournament matches to small 3v3s, MCBall is fun for every experience. Upgrade your experience by purchasing and unlocking customized kits that improve your game play! Fly through the air with our Ninja Kit, blast away annoying walls with our Demo Kit, and bounce your paintballs off of any block with the Ricochet kit. With many more distinct kits and game modes, MCBall is an electrifying, fast-paced game. Come join us for a round!


There are currently four gamemodes available to play:

Capture The Flag (CTF), Rush The Flag (RTF) and Team Death Match (TDM).

Capture The Flag (CTF):

This gamemode is all about coordinating with your team. 

There are two teams, the blue team, and the red team. Their goal is to grab and capture the other team's flag. Flags are located inside the team's bases. (They can be easily located by selecting the compass in the inventory). The first team to three captures wins the game!  

Rush The Flag (RTF):

One flag, one goal. 

Similar to Capture the Flag, players must bring the flag back to the enemy teams base and touch the their flag, in order to capture the white flag. The white flag typically resides in the middle of the map. (Follow your compass to find where the map is at any given time!). The first team to three captures wins the game! 


The gamemode consists of a series of seven rounds where the winner is the team with the most round wins. Unlike the other gamemodes, once the player is hit by a snowball from the enemy team and sent to the deathbox, they are unable to respawn by themselves. Players can collect the souls of their dead teammates (now visible as a tracker in your hotbar) and take them to the soul well to respawn them during the same round. Soul wells are marked by beacons and glittering particles. 

Team Death Match (TDM):

In this gamemode, there are no flags to capture! Instead, the first team to 100 kills wins the game. Use your kits, communication with your teammates, and map knowledge to win the game! 

From sniping an opponent one hundred blocks away in the blink of an eye to splash potions that quicken your run as you dodge through the fire of paintballs that curve towards you, kits give their user advantages to play the game in a new, unique way.  Equipped with upgrades, a kit only gets more powerful the more eliminations the user acquires in one single life. The higher the killstreak, the better the perks of the kits. With a higher kill streak, no longer will your sniper shot take thirty seconds to cool down, and you will be able to set your scopes on the next player in your crossfire.


Check out the rest of our kits down below!



MCBall Kits

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