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SERVER IP ADDRESS: play.mcball.net
Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/KP9yMvK
Website Address: See the sign up link below the video or visit www.mcball.net

MCBall is the premium Minecraft Paintball Server you have always wanted to play. MCBall is custom coded and unlike any paintball game you've tried before. To start with our paintball is a team based capture the flag game. Our kits are fun and unique. But this isn't the typical OP kit game. Each kit has its own strengths and weaknesses without any one kit being overpowered. We offer two free kits per week and the kits you do not have can be unlocked by playing time or by voting for the server.

MCball has been around since 2012 and we will be doing a stat reset soon and will be offering two tournaments this summer. So now is the time to start learning the game. We have a lot of experienced players including several that have gone on to become professional gamers so watch out for the chain helmeted players. They are really good. This is truly a family friendly server for players of all ages from players new to minecraft to seasoned pros.

Check out the action from our last tournament

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Casual Competitive - Medium Competitive - High Family Friendly voice
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