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A New Rating System

By Xorgon a - Posted Feb 5, 19

SERVER IP:  play.mcball.net

As of today we are implementing a new rating system. Instead of judging players simply by how many kills they have, or their kill/death ratio, we will be taking into account their overall performance. This still includes kills and kill/death ratio, but also includes flag captures and how often your team wins the game. An important difference is that everything is now based on ratios. For example kills per game, flag captures per game etc. This means that you can still be the best player, even if you can't play a lot. Player rankings should now more closely reflect who is the best player. A version of this system was used to balance the teams for the Recreational Tournament, and we believe it performed very well there.

A player's rating can range from 0 to 2000, with 2000 being the best possible rating. A rating of 1000 is defined as the average player. The '/top' command will now show the top rated players, although '/top kills' will still show the total kill rankings.
Player helmets will now also be determined by rating, with the following boundaries:

  • Leather: Rating >= 750
  • Iron: Rating >= 1000
  • Gold: Rating >= 1250
  • Diamond: Rating >= 1600
  • Chain: Rating >= 1950

These boundaries are based on the theoretical rating distribution of the old player stats database to give good helmet distributions.

In the long term we're hoping to use this for team balancing and possibly other features, but for now we're excited to hear what you think. Enjoy!

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