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Big News!

By Buffowatts a - Posted Jul 15, 18

MCBAll Servers Have been Upgraded:

Yesterday we moved MCBall onto our new dedicated server.  The new server now hosting MCBall has more CPU cores, more powerful CPUs, and more Memory.  We will now be able to handle more players with less lag and more robust performance.  It also means we can offer more to the community.   For example, we will now be able to open additional servers, handle tournaments better, have a more robust build server, and implement some new ideas that should help with player retention.  This of course also comes with a much higher price tag so for those of you that enjoy playing MCBall donations are welcomed.

Killstreak of the Month Contest:

Until the end of July we are having a best Killstreak contest.  Record your game play and then submit a video showing off your best killstreak.  The winner with the best killstreak video will be awarded one free kit. The winning video will be posted on our homepage for one week so that all can see just how OP you are.  The video must be recorded between the contest dates.   For more information click here

July Community Night (Friday July 20th):

Starts at 18:00 UTC and ends 24:00 UTC.   For those of you in the USA it will start at 2:00 PM Eastern time.  Lots of fun will be had.  Staff will have a live stream going.  Be sure to join us on our discord channel.  We will be unveiling at least one new map during the event.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

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