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Free Kit Day - Saturday June 2nd

The temperature is heating up,  school is ending, and MCBall is gearing up for Summer 2018.  To kick things off right this summer we will be having a FREE KIT day this upcoming Saturday.  All kits will be available except for Frosty kit of course...   Its summer after all.    


We have also kicked off our first serious advertising campaign in a long time.   Of course we will also be reaching out to our established player base.  The advertising will hopefully go on throughout summer and beyond as we put MCBall back on the map and into its rightful place as the best shooter game in Minecraft.    I encourage our veteran player base to be kind and welcoming to the new players as they discover MCBall for the first time, over the next month.  Please help show them the ropes and share some your tips and tricks so that they do not feel overwhelmed. 

Votifier Update

To go along with our advertising we are also hoping to promote the server via several of the minecraft listing websites.   The voting will help rank the MCBall server on their voting list not only in the main server list categories but also in the specialty categories.   Votifier allows us to track who has been voting and reward members for voting for our server.    We have a list of 13 websites you can vote for on the server page and you can vote for each of them one time a day.  Each vote will be rewarded with 3 shop points.   And the player who votes the most each week will earn 250 shop points.  Players often ask me what they can do to help the server.  Well this is one thing that is really easy to do and it only takes about 5 minutes to cast all the votes.  

Stat Reset

For those asking, yes there will be a stat reset this summer.   I have not determined exactly when but stay tuned.  Most likely I'll just wake up one day and POOF!   But its clearly time for a reset now its just a matter of when???

Summer Tournaments

MCBall will be holding its first of hopefully two tournaments this summer during the weekend of June 30th.    This tournament will be held on Saturday and might extend into Sunday.  The exact format of the tournament is still being discussed and we will make further announcements later.  We will try to accommodate as many players as possible.   So if you have never been in a tournament start practicing up now cause if you can make the dates we will most likely have a spot.   

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