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A New Rating System

Xorgon a posted Feb 5, 19

SERVER IP:  play.mcball.net

As of today we are implementing a new rating system. Instead of judging players simply by how many kills they have, or their kill/death ratio, we will be taking into account their overall performance. This still includes kills and kill/death ratio, but also includes flag captures and how often your team wins the game. An important difference is that everything is now based on ratios. For example kills per game, flag captures per game etc. This means that you can still be the best player, even if you can't play a lot. Player rankings should now more closely reflect who is the best player. A version of this system was used to balance the teams for the Recreational Tournament, and we believe it performed very well there.

A player's rating can range from 0 to 2000, with 2000 being the best possible rating. A rating of 1000 is defined as the average player. The '/top' command will now show the top rated players, although '/top kills' will still show the total kill rankings.
Player helmets will now also be determined by rating, with the following boundaries:

  • Leather: Rating >= 750
  • Iron: Rating >= 1000
  • Gold: Rating >= 1250
  • Diamond: Rating >= 1600
  • Chain: Rating >= 1950

These boundaries are based on the theoretical rating distribution of the old player stats database to give good helmet distributions.

In the long term we're hoping to use this for team balancing and possibly other features, but for now we're excited to hear what you think. Enjoy!

Oskiss This is absolutely amazing!

The Blur Update

Xorgon a posted Jan 26, 19

The Blur update. You've heard us talking about it, and now it's finally arrived! The primary objective of the Blur update is to move from an old plugin system to a new framework called Blur. The Blur Engine allows us to quickly, and efficiently, improve MCBall which will make it easier to push out updates and bring all new things to MCBall.

Now, as excited as we are for this new system, we realize that not everybody is as interested in new frameworks as we are. So we thought we'd also show you some of the power of the new framework by bringing you some new features and making some changes. Firstly, we're adjusting how new players experience MCBall by having two servers, a beginner server and a pro server. Secondly, we've made a few changes to some aspects of gameplay, detailed below. Thirdly, we're trialing a brand new kit, Ricochet. Lastly, we're resetting all the player stats!

For a quick summary of what's changing, have a read of the Changelog. If you're interested to know more, details are below.




  • Added Ricochet kit.
  • Added Beginner server.


  • Changed to Blur Engine.
  • Right clicking with the flag compass in hand now switches between tracking the friendly flag and the enemy flag.
  • Miscellaneous UI changes.
  • Implemented a new spawn system.
  • Teams are now shuffled before each game.
  • All player stats have been reset.
  • The map 'Koder' has been updated. The update improves general player experience and modifies some areas of the map to provide more balanced gameplay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various bugs are fixed by the Blur Engine, although others may have been introduced. Keep reporting!

The Beginner Server

MCBall has been around for a long time, and a lot of people have become very good. This is great for some awesome gameplay, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting for new players. For this reason we're adding a 'Beginner' server. The goal of this server is to provide a comfortable place for new players to practice MCBall and get used to how everything works before having to face our top players. There will be five maps available to play so there isn't too much to learn and we will be limiting who can play on the Beginner server. At the moment this is filtered by total kills and K/D, but we are planning to tweak how this is filtered in the future for the best experience. Players with a kill/death ratio less than 1.5, or fewer than 500 kills, are allowed on the Beginner server. If you have more than 500 kills and a kill/death ratio higher than 1.5, you'll be limited to the 'Pro' server. It is noted that everyone is allowed on the Pro server, but we highly recommend using the Beginner server if you can!

New Spawn System

Sometimes working as a team can be tough. You've spawned in, but nobody is available, and you have to get to that flag alone! To enable players to play as a team more we've adjusted how players are spawned in. Previously, you would die and then wait 10 seconds for a respawn. With the new system the length of time you wait depends on how many players on your team are also dead. When you die you have to wait at least 5 seconds, once those 5 seconds are over you are eligible for a respawn. If there are 3 players or more eligible for a respawn then all of the players are immediately spawned. If a player has waited 15 seconds without a group to respawn with then they are respawned anyway. This means that respawning takes at least 5 seconds and at most 15 seconds. With this system you are more likely to spawn with teammates so you can all work together!

Ricochet Kit

With the brand new Ricochet kit your paintballs are infused with bouncy ricochet properties. Straight away your paintballs can bounce once without breaking, perfect for shooting around a corner, or shooting through a low doorway. With a 3 kill streak your paintballs bounce up to three times, with a 5 kill streak they bounce up to four times, with a 7 kill streak they bounce up to five times, and you should definitely try to find out what happens with a 100 kill streak. For now we're trialing this kit on Ultra players while we iron out the bugs, but Ricochet will be available as part of the free kit day on Saturday 2nd February and then available to buy in the Participation Point shop or on the website store.

Stat Reset

We saw that Thanos killed half of all living things in the universe and we thought that we could do one better. So we're resetting all of the MCBall stats in the universe, take that Thanos! The top spots are now all up for grabs so hop on and show us who's best.

Thank You

Finally, we'd like to thank you all for your patience and dedication to MCBall, the Blur update has been a while in the making and we appreciate your enthusiasm for it coming. Without you we wouldn't have this awesome community to make things for, like new maps and two new gamemodes... but enough of that, let's play MCBall!

quinnt02 Cool idea, but won't Ricochet absolutely break everything? Spamming around corners/through 2x1 block gaps is alread...

Big News!

Buffowatts a posted Jul 15, 18

MCBAll Servers Have been Upgraded:

Yesterday we moved MCBall onto our new dedicated server.  The new server now hosting MCBall has more CPU cores, more powerful CPUs, and more Memory.  We will now be able to handle more players with less lag and more robust performance.  It also means we can offer more to the community.   For example, we will now be able to open additional servers, handle tournaments better, have a more robust build server, and implement some new ideas that should help with player retention.  This of course also comes with a much higher price tag so for those of you that enjoy playing MCBall donations are welcomed.

Killstreak of the Month Contest:

Until the end of July we are having a best Killstreak contest.  Record your game play and then submit a video showing off your best killstreak.  The winner with the best killstreak video will be awarded one free kit. The winning video will be posted on our homepage for one week so that all can see just how OP you are.  The video must be recorded between the contest dates.   For more information click here

July Community Night (Friday July 20th):

Starts at 18:00 UTC and ends 24:00 UTC.   For those of you in the USA it will start at 2:00 PM Eastern time.  Lots of fun will be had.  Staff will have a live stream going.  Be sure to join us on our discord channel.  We will be unveiling at least one new map during the event.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

xSkelly_ Thanks Buffo :d
Oskiss Hype!

Good day,

MCBall is currently undergoing a server upgrade. As such, the MCBall network is currently down to transfer files. We're estimated to be down for a few hours.

Update 2100 GMT +1: Server maintenance successfully complete and servers upgraded with more resources.

Jayce1179 Does it have a new ip bc mine says its outdated
Oskiss Thank you Supa :d
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