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Hey y'all,

Today, we're happy to announce a few new additions and changes to MCBall.

UUID support

The long awaited UUID support has been implemented! All players, new and old, are able to change their names and retain their data. This applies to statistics such as Kills, Deaths, etc., but also squads and more.

Where there was data that belongs to a name that doesn't belong to anyone, that data is no longer accessible. However, there will be a stat reset soon with some even greater changes coming soon.


"Petals falling, unable to resist, the moonlight."

To celebrate our new adminstration and plans for expanse we've introduced a brand new culturally-diverse map. Built by TheMasterOG & Rtsy, Sakura is a medium-sized Japanese themed map that provides very active gamplay on the battlefield.

CTF Gameplay Changes

- Matches can now end in draws. In the case of a draw, all participants receive 10 Participations Points

- Vortex Kit. All paintballs entering a Vortex's area become the Vortex player's paintballs, as if the player had shot those paintballs himself.

BebeBoss Looks like a cool map!
_RektByNate_ nice I like the map good job!
nut_2point0 Dope the changes are on my bday sweet

MCBall - New Ownership

Buffowatts a posted Jun 28, 17

Well as many of you already know.  Approximately 1 day ago I completed the purchase of MCBall from Waffletastic.  I'll start by thanking Waffle for first creating the best Minecraft Paintball game in existence.   I think most of us can agree it has been really fun.  And I want to thank Waffle for being willing to part ways with it.   I imagine it is hard to let go of something you created and worked so hard on.  

I also want to thank the hundreds of players in the past who made MCBall what it is today.  Many have donated their time and services.   Some are still with us and others have moved on. But MCBall really is the product of the love the community has had for the game.  I am hoping to continue that tradition and help MCBall become even more fun. 

I'll keep this short.   I'm excited about the possibilities of reviving MCBall.  The overall goal is to have FUN and increase the player base is step number one.  If you a have time this summer please read on about the transition plans.  I hope that in some way everyone will find their own way to help out.   For some that might mean simply playing more and befriending a new player.   For others it might mean a larger time committment by joining staff. 

Click here for Transition Plans

In closing huge thanks to Supaham who has spent hours moving the server, setting things back up, and spending lots of time talking with me and educating me on how the back end works, etc...   This isn't the first time Supaham has gone the extra mile to help the server either.  Many thanks!

Oskis87 I am happpppyyy :d
EvanChrispie Congratulations. My first time popping in here for quite a while and it's good to see something is finally happenin...

MCBall planned maintenance

SupaHam a posted Jun 25, 17

Hey MCBall,

MCBall has been taken down for some server maintenance in the name of progress. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you. We aim to be up again from anywhere between 1-6 hours.

Thank you for your understanding,

MCBall Developers team

Update (16:43 UTC+0): MCBall is back up.

BobaFett7789 where can i find shotty on website?

1.12 Update

SupaHam a posted Jun 11, 17

Good day MCBallers,

Today we're happy to announce the update to Minecraft version 1.12. Players are able to connect to the MCBall network using the Minecraft 1.12 client.

Have fun,
MCBall Developers team

Oskis87 AWWW YEAH!!!
Skeleton_King lit xD now I need to get optifine for that version!
iiSwagOG Nice
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