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1.12.2 Update

SupaHam a posted Nov 17, 17


We've just update to 1.12.2. To connect, use the latest version of Minecraft and connect to play.mcball.net!

We're also working on the Blurry update. :o

Have fun!

HaHaNot4Ever YAS! :d (blurry update?)

October Community Night (October 21st)

Starts at 20:00 UTC.    The October Community Night will be held on October 21st.    Staff will be hosting a live stream.  We plan on doing some specialty games as well as unveiling a new map.    Players will be interviewed and will get to pick their choice of maps to play on.    We know things have been a bit slow now that school has started back.  For those of you who have been itching to catch some larger games on MCBall this will be your chance.   I look forward to seeing everyone there. 

PoscoBG I sadly can't make it, will there be a big update after the event?

Play of the Week Contest:

Between August 24th and September 7th we will be accepting video submissions of your best plays.  The winner with the best play will be selected by staff and will be awarded one free kit.  The winning video will be posted on our homepage for one week so that all can see your marvelous play.   The video must be recorded between the contest dates.   For more information click here

September Community Night (Saturday September 9th):

Starts at 20:00 UTC.  This will be our first ever Saturday night  community paintball gathering and we encourage everyone who can make it to be there.  Lots of fun will be had.  We will be annoucing the winner of the new "Play of the Week" contest and we will also unveil and play on a preview of one our our new maps scheduled to be released with the next big update.  Staff will also have a live stream during part of the night.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

Xycao nice
xzackly7 Awesome. Time to get to work then
Oskiss MaKe SURE TO cOme ON THE EvENt :DDD

1.12.1 Update

Xorgon a posted Aug 22, 17

The server has been updated to Minecraft version 1.12.1. To connect, use the latest version of Minecraft.


ExineMC Can we disable those annoying popups now?
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